Pirouette is a remote PAN / TILT head designed for use with MocoMan or with remote PAN/TILT handles. A simple PAN / TILT / DOLLY motion control system will fit in 4 small Pelican cases including the dolly! Spice up your IMAX production with the easiest, fastest motion control system ever built. Features include several highspeed and timelapse modes, including ramping intervals. MocoMan interfaces directly with standard Preston Digital lens control motors available around the world, for motion control of ZOOM, IRIS and FOCUS.

The Pirouette head is capable of 360 degree PAN/TILT and works with any camera in any position, even in the inverted postion. The Pirouette head weighs only 35 lbs and has been designed for the iXL1570 but it will handle cameras up to 100 lbs. Because it's lightweight the Pirouette can easily go onto a jib arm for boom and crane shots never before possible in 1570!