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MocoMan is an 8 axis motion control system in a palmtop.
MocoMan is very simple, fast and easy to use. It requires less time to set up and runs entirely on battery power. MocoMan is an inexpensive, versatile system that will allow motion control to go places its never been.

MocoMan is so easy, even a kid can use it!
Pictured here with a 35mm Mitchell GC mounted on the Pirouette head.

operates 24-36vDC battery power
motorized dolly will carry up to 500 lbs
runs on any kind of dolly track or plumbing pipe
interfaces PRESTION lens control systems
ships in a small, lightweight package
sets up fast, programs fast, shoots fast
controls any kind of camera from IMAX to video

controls any digital servo motor up to 1/2hp
motor drive components are off-the-shelf

The Pirouette head has been designed specially for heavy cameras, yet its the lightest remote head it the world. It will work the MocoMan or as a stand-alone with Arri-style remote PAN/TILT handles.