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SACRED PLANET - IMAX feature, Sacred Planet Proj, Canada, 2002, 2nd Unit DP
Art film celebrating the beauty of our planet, special effect motion control on remote locations through the Southwest, California and Thailand
LAUREL CANYON - 35mm feature, Kuleshov Prod., New York, 2002, 2nd Unit DP
Uptight yuppie meets hang-loose Rock 'N Roll in Laurel Canyon, filmed art transitions
SONG YET 2 B SUNG - 35mm music video, Anonymous, LA, 2001, 2nd Unit DP
Perry Farrell, singer from ALICE IN CHAINS debut album. Special Motion Control effects
WINGED MIGRATION - 35mm feature, Galatee Films, Paris, 1999, 2nd Unit DP
Art film celebrating our earth in the new millenium as seen through the eye of migrating birds. Nominated for an Academy Award
INFINITI - 35mm commercial, Compass Films, New York, 1999, 2nd Unit DP
30 second TV advertisement for Infiniti Q45, motion control FX plates & timelapse
INFINITI - 35mm commercial, Compass Films, New York, 1999, 2nd Unit DP
30 second TV advertisement for Infiniti SUV, motion control FX plates & timelapse
SPECSAVERS - commercial, SpecSavers, London, 1999, motion control camera operator
30 second TV advertisement for eyeglasses company,moco FX plates & timelapse
LOST KINGDOM - 70mm feature, Westmorland Films, England, 1998 DP
Large Format feature about the history of Lake District of Northwest England w/drama & battle special effects scenes, aerials and motion control timelapse.
FROZEN - 35mm music video, Black Dog/RSA., Los Angeles, 1998, 2nd Unit DP
Madona music video, moco timelapse effects and BG's. MTV AWARD: Best Effects
PROJECT '97 - 35mm commercial, U-Ground, Los Angeles, 1997, 2nd Unit DP
60 second theatrical advertisement for MARLBORO,motion control FX plates & timelapse
ZING! - Live action video, McFadden Ent., Los Angeles, 1996, Director/Writer/Producer
13:30 pre-show & simulation ride for the Center of Science and Industry,-Toledo, a comedy involving 3 actors and a chimpanzee designed to teach children how simulator rides work
BLOOD TIES(RAMBO IV) - feature length screenplay, Carolco 1995 Creator and Co-writer
with Nick Koff of a story about a Vietnam veteran stocked by a vicious killer. Rambo's son is unknowingly left behind in Vietnam and comes home with a vengeance.
TOY RACER - Computer animated, McFadden, LA, 1995, Director/Writer/Producer
3:30 simulation ride on a zany "HOT WHEELS" track in a boy's room.
POITOU - 70mm, Les Prod. de Futuroscope, France, 1995 Camera Operator
on a "postcard" film for the tourist board of Poitou-Charentes, Alain Forchet, Director
HONEY, I RODE A BEE, COASTER!-35mm, McFadden, LA, 1995 Director/Writer
of live action POV ride on he back of a bee and on the craziest coaster ever!
ENDLESS SUMMER, THE RIDE-VistaVision, 70mm, Rocket,Hawaii, 1994 DP
for a simulation ride based on the movie, sent camera into 15 ft break in the "Boneyard" on the North Shore, supervised photography of aerial & underwater
VIENNE DYNAMIQUE-870, 30fps, Saligna, Poitier, France 1993 Camera Operator
on a simulation ride for FUTUROSCOPE. Supervised post production, opticals & effects
LIVING SEA-IMAX, MacGillvary/Freeman Films, Monterey, CA 1993 Camera assistant/gaffer for a special shoot at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Academy Award Nomination, 1996)
VOYAGES-870, 30fps, C-360, Inc. Hawaii, Guam, Mississippi, 1993 Director of Photography for an 870 film about the spirit of discovery. Co-designed the smallest 870 camera in the world.
PHOENIX RIVER RUN-70mm,60fps, Showscan, Crest Films, Niagara Falls, 1992 Director of Photograhy for a simulator ride. Shot on jet boats, white-water rafts, culminating in a tumble over Niagara Falls.
BARAKA-70mm, Magidson Films, Malibu, 1991 Conformist, Created and supervised the process for using video to edit 70mm workprint to save money editing the first feature film to be produced in 70mm in 25 years. Conformed 250,000 feet and developed transfer error detection & correction

VHS demo reel and references available on request